Monday, December 19, 2016

New Companion Hermana Rosario from Dominican Republic

 Hermana Rosario 

First week in Florida :) Week 7

Friday, December 16, 2016

Week 6 Last week in Mexico MTC

Pict 173: Order of Missionaries so you know who is who, from left to right.
Elder Meliza(NY S Mission), Elder Shepherd(Cali Arcadia), Elder Strong(Zone leader Provo S), Elder Lammi (District Leader, NY S), Elder Olsen(Tuscan AZ), ME!, Hermana Rodriguez (Day Teacher), Hrma Tyrrell(my mish), Elder Callister  (on the bottom, Dallas TX), Elder Ficklin(on the top of Elder Callister, Provo S), Elder Latu(on the bottom, my mission, he gave my my blessing yesterday, he is so sweet!), Elder Ward(on the top, my mission), and Elder Markel(Provo S)

 This is our district with the Branch Presidency, and then District 5 D with us.

Week 6

Hey! So this afternoon has been like a Pday of sorts, we had morning class but after luc=nch we just had time to pack, clean, etc to prepare to leave in the morning. Hermana Tolliver has to be at Reception at 2am and we all have to go with her so her comp isn't alone, and then we are leaving at 4am so we have to be at reception at 4am. Its going to be an interesting night, haha. I weighed all my bags, and we are good! I am so excited to leave the CCM and enter the field. Four of our elders from our district left early this morning (Elder Silitoe left for Missouri this morning,too, which I didn't know so I didn't get to say bye, but oh well). It has been kind of sad, and I am going to miss our districts a lot, but I am also really excited for everyone to enter the field and use the language and teaching skills we have learned here. 
So the 12th of December is like Mary's birthday or something, so there have been way more fireworks and parties than usual today, and it started last night at like 7pm haha. We all joke about it when we hear huge successive fireworks(hopefully thats what they are..) and we say "Really Mexico? Calm down!" Its so funny, and we all laugh. 
I found my drivers liscence, so you don't need to worry about it! It was in my suitcase, haha.
So my flight leaves at 7:30am and I have a two hour layover in Atlanta, so hopefully I will be able to call home. Mom, I will probably call your cell, so just have it on your around noon.
Ah! Yesterday was so amazing! We listened to a devotional by David A Bednar (Love his teaching style, he is so amazing) about missionay work, and it was so motivating. We then got to watch the Restoration afterwards because we had been bugging the couple missionareis about really wanting to see it. We thought we would have to miss dinner to watch it (which we were all okay with, haha) but it ended at 6:30 so we still got to eat! It was so worth it! And for the video/movie night we watched a devotional by Elder Jeffrey R Holland (Whom I also love!) on missionary work and oh my goodness! It was sooo good! It was from 2011 and I think January? It was given to the Provo MTC, and if you guys can find it, I encourage you to watch it, it was so awe-inspiring!!! I am a forever missionary!! I know that the experiences I have had only these six short weeks have forever changed my life, and I am never going back! I was so humbled by the end of the video that Our Father in Heaven trusts ME to teach His beloved children on the Earth. Ah! I love being a missionary!
So yeah, I just wanted to email and say that I will be in Florida tomorrow evening! Ah! I am sooo excited its crazy! I love all of you so much, and I pray for all of you to be successful in theis life and to constantly become more converted to this Gospel and to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Never give up hope or let fears and doubts drive away the Spirit of the Lord from your homes or hearts. I know that through Him, we can accomplish and overcome all things. We are to be tested in this life, and if we endure it well, we will be b lessed with ETERNAL HAPPINESS. I can hardly comprehend the significance of that promise, but I know it is real, and it is given to everyone who comes unto Christ. This Gospel message is for everyone, and I encourage all of you to try harder each day to strengthen your loved ones, your firends, less actives, and non members alike! I love you guys, and have an amazing week!

Love always,
Hermana Stokes

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Photos from Week 4 & 5 Mexico MTC

 Thanksgiving Dinner