Monday, July 17, 2017

July 17, 2017

Hola Familia!

This has been a great week! Everyone in our district but us went down to transfers on Wednesday, so we were holding down the fort! We joked that we went and proselyted in all of their areas for them to help them out, haha. (We didn't!) 

So I don't have much time, but here goes!

We went to visit a former investigator Lori yesterday, and when we got there we found out that they are moving! They have to be out of the house by tonight, so we got to do some miracle service! We found out all about her life and how she use to be so active in the Lutheran church before it became so worldly and corrupt and how her own children are turning against her because of her abusive ex-husband. It was so sad, but she is with an amazing guy who truly loves her so much now, and they really need the Gospel in there lives. Its so funny, on the Teaching Record the past sisters had written she talks like a Mormon, and she super does! I am truly so grateful to have been born in the Gospel and to grow up in an amazingly strong family. So many people know nothing about what a family truly is like, it breaks my heart. It was so funny though, because we wanted to leave but it was raining and lightening pretty hard, and they wouldn't let us because it was dangerous, haha. They were so sweet, we shared a prayer with them that I know they truly needed. Sister Colton is so funny, she will just look at me when she wants me to say it, ha. We got a free ice cream maker and fondue pot out of it too! Haha, they were basically giving everything to Goodwill, and offered it to us, so why not, right?

We finally made it out to Pine Island this week! It was cool to think we were proselyting on an island, ha. There is this little island town called Matlache and it has the cutest, arties little stored all brightly painted! We will have to check it out one P-day, for sure!

 A miracle we saw this past week was that on Saturday, we knocked into this man from Palestine who didn't know English too well, but accepted a prayer and said "We love Jesus!" He was so sweet, and is of the Islam faith. I have a soft spot for Muslims because I went to Indonesia a year ago for dance and the people there were so humble, kind, and willing to share with us what little they had. It was an amazing eye-opening experience, and so when this man said he was Muslim, I was just so happy! We shared a prayer with him, and walking away from it, I could feel God's love for him so strongly, it was incredible! I couldn't help but smile! Just about an hour later, we received a media referral saying that he wanted us to come back! So cool!!!

I love you all, the Gospel is so true, and if you don't know if it is  yet, just ask God! He truly does answer prayers, I testify of that!

Love, Hermana Stokes​

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