Tuesday, July 11, 2017

July 3, 2017

Hola Familia!


And a happy birthday to me, haha. Can't believe I am turning 20!!! And I hit my 8th month mark!! Time goes by WAY too fast, haha. Its been such a blast though, I definitely recommend serving a mission! You learn so much every stinkin' day, it's crazy! 

So funny thing that happened last Sunday, and then a funny story about this Sunday.

So last Sunday we were on bikes, completely out of miles for the next week (we went over, oops.. DT and Church, what can I say?) and we didn't have a meal appointment. So, we figure we can stop by this single member's house and he'll take pity on us and feed us. NOT! We show up and a different brother from the ward answers the door, and we can smell the food cookin! Turns out, he had a date planned and so we kindly left as she pulled up... Awkward, ha. So then we look at our GPS to see who is close by, and decide to visit a LA woman who is living with the Galang family, who are super active and awesome and their son just came back from serving in the Idaho Falls mission two weeks ago (I speak with him this sunday!) So we go and share a message with this really old, sweet lady who used to work in the temple but is so close to finishing her life she can't even talk, sad but sweet, and then we didn't want to leave because we came there with alterior motives aka FOOD ha, so we ask if we can share a message with them as well! They say Yes of course! But then Sis. Colton goes "Before we start, Can I have a piece of Bread?" It was sooooo funny! But awkward too, because then she started crying from being so hungry and scared if they would say no and also embarrased, and I had no idea why she burst into tears at the time, but then she starts dying laughing and crying at the same time, so im dying laughing, too, and this poor family is like "these poor sisters!" and start pulling out all this food from the RM homecoming dinner the night before with the Phillips family whose son came home a week prior to Bro. Galang. Oh, man, It was awkward!!! Haha, she put the quote "Can I have a piece of bread" up on her wall, and we quote it to each other now, haha. We now know not to let Sis. Colton go hungry!!! Hahahaha!!!😂😂

WE HAD PRESIDENT UCHTDORF COME SPEAK!!!! You might ask why I said its a blessing that no investigators showed up...... Wellllllll it was the kind of sacrament where you are like is it over yet??????? A man who recently came back to the church got up and shared his testimony and then said "I believe in the art of story telling so I just wanted to share with you this: (then he quickly whips out his phone and presses play) and that's when President Uchdorf's voice floods the room along with music. It was a Sacrament meeting for the books! The video paused half way though and what was already an uncomfortable situation became doubly so....... So after that it was up to the missionaries to save the meeting!!!! So sis. Colton goes up and then the Ward mission leader, and then it ends, ha. What can you do? ha, 

I am out of time, but I love you all so much!!! Have an amazing week!!!
Love, Hermana Stokes

Sis. Colton took a picture of a grasshopper on a tree, and I thought it was funny!

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