Tuesday, July 11, 2017

New Mission President July 11, 2017

Hola Familia!

How is everyone? Things in the Cape are moving along! This week has been so fun, haha. We both gave talks in Sacrament on the Law of the Fast, and I went a little long (oops) and a returning missionary in our ward also spoke, and he talked about the Restoration with funny mission stories in between, it was a great Sacrament meeting! Poor Sister Colton, I was told two weeks prior, but the youth speaker was out of town, so we got called by the 1st councilor that she would be speaking saturday, so she was pretty nervous, haha. She did great, a full 10 minutes! (which is how long mine should have been, but I over prepared and didn't run through it at all, so... ha)

So we got a new mission President! We met President Garns and his sweet wife of thursday, and we got to be with them for about 2 hours. It was so cool! They are really awesome! She made homemade chocolate chip cookies for everyone, and they reminded me of home :) in the best way! I have tried to make them here, and they fail utterly, so, ha, it was a nice treat. So we have had a few minor changes, but not much. One cool one though is that we can call and communicate with people/ missionaries outside our mission now! 
We got a media refferal over a week ago, William (Bill) Lewis from Navoo. The sister who sent it texted us on friday to follow up, see how it went, that sort of thing. She has stayed in contact with him. Well, normally we would have to call the office and the senior sister there, Sister Burdick, would talk to her, but we called Sister Burdick and told us we could call Sister Gobel directly!! So we did, and you'll never guess... some of you might recognize her name,... She served in our home ward!!!! She was literally just with the Elderado Pass ward! She was at the BBQ Luau in our backyard, and Megan, you went out and worked with her!!!  SO CRAZY!!!!! Also, her companion... is Sister Sydney Andrews!!!! Um, WHAT??? I totally talked with her on the phone, and she didn't realize I had been out so long, haha, so crazy! That was really cool, but of course we got back on track rather quickly, but so awesome and what a small world! 
So its been a week, haha. I don't have much more time, but I love you all, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ is restored in its fullness today on the Earth in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! You don't have to be a full time missionary with a plaque on your chest to declare it, paint one on your heart! It is so much fun to go out everyday and do what the Savior did when He was here, and what He would still be doing if he were here today! The work never stops!!! I Love it!!!
Hermana Stokes
ister Colton just gother earsrepierced!

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