Monday, July 31, 2017


Hola Familia!

Holy Cow tomorrow I hit my 9 month mark!!! I cannot believe it's already been that long, and now instead of counting up it counts down... but that's okay, because I still have a year! (That's what I tell myself all the time, ha. Sis. Colton passed her 6 month mark a little while ago, so I'm looping myself in with her, ha.)

I don't even know what happened this week, it goes by WAY too fast, haha. If it wasn't raining bad today, we would have gone to Sanibel today, which is a big tourist attraction with shells on the beaches (which we would admire from afar, ha) and I don't know what else, but hopefully a P-day in the future you will get those photos and I will get the experience! Haha. 

Friday we had a full day exchange with our STL's, but sadly Sister Adams was sick with an infection, so I stayed with her while Sister Soto and Sister Colton had a baptismal interview for YSA (which he passed! Miracle for the sisters!) and they later found a family for us to teach! I am so excited to meet them this Wednesday! Exchange miracles! Sister Adams and I watched Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration, which was so good! It made me cry a little, but strengthened my testimony of Joseph Smith and the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which I absolutely LOVE! I also finally got the Gordon B Hinkley manual in the mail (I never got one, so I caved and bought one and then it went on back order, so I got it over a month later, but it came and I am so happy!) so I read a bit from that, colored, watched some cheesy 80s church videos, ate some cotton candy(Sister Adams told her dad that she and her companion were craving cotton candy, so he sent her a huge box of the little tubs of cotton candy, haha) so it was like an extended P-day! Definitely happy to be back at work though! There is nothing quite like thrusting in your sickle with all your might, mind, and strength! Ha. 

We had an investigator at church! Jose came, who I think I wrote about before. He is such a kind man, (also really goofy! You should see his impression of Adam and the creation, and then eve, and oh man, he's a crack up!)and he is going through a divorce right now. He is going to two other churches, so we weren't sure when he would make time to come (we've invited him and talked about church with him a lot), but he texted us right before sacrament and said he was coming as his church had already ended, and it was so cool to see how he took everything in from the meeting, he even took notes! He couldn't stay for class, but later that day he texted us and told us how much he loved church! We are excited to keep teaching him and helping him understand that this is the only true church on the Earth!

Also, Scott didn't make it to church (Sister Mayfield [a member] is a family friend of his, he is 30 and really struggling right now, he lives out of his car and is doing those labor day jobs where you get paid when the job is done) but he came after and had a good lesson on the Book of Mormon, and chapel tour, and he accepted baptism when we opened up the font and invited him for the 26th of this month! He has to come to church 3 times before being baptized now, and also smokes, so he has a ways to go, but we are excited to help him and help him understand who he truly is and feel God's love for him. 

Oh, last P-day we had a Zone activity with Pioneer Day themed activites/games, ha, we did a stick pull! And a different game where to try to knock your companion over with just hiting their hands, like pushing someone over as they balance on a curb with a double high five, it was fun! I beat the sisters! Definitely not the stick pull though! I have some ppictures of the elders, ha. Also tried out our Fondue maker/melter thing! It was delicious! :) Hopefully we won't use it for a while, we are trying to eat and exercise better, any advice would be appreciated! Ha!

I love you all, have an amazing week!
Sister Stokes

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